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New ELI 7 Things... Explores LMS Evaluation

ELI LogoAt many institutions, the current LMS is five or more years old.In that time, the teaching and learning context might have changed considerably, and other products, including open-source options, have emerged, raising the question of whether an institution should conduct a complete evaluation of its LMS strategy. The LMS serves as the linchpin of an institution’s teaching and learning enterprise, and as such it should provide maximum value and flexibility for the faculty. The examination of the LMS forces an institution to take a hard look at its teaching practices, to educate the faculty that the LMS can be more than a “course website,” and to invite them to use the full spectrum of teaching tools it provides. If a decision is made to replace the LMS, such an undertaking can bring with it a steep learning curve.

In the 7 Things You Should Know About LMS Evaluation, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative’s (ELI) latest in the monthly series, learn how as changes in education delivery and redefinition of student needs continue to reshape the modern campus, colleges and universities might find themselves adapting to pedagogical changes more frequently than in the past.

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