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New ELI 7 Things... Explores Organizing Files in the Cloud


 File storage and management has become a potentially limiting factor in the usefulness of new technologies, and cloud-based file services such as Dropbox, SugarSync, AeroFS, and attempt to fill that need. With these services, files are stored “in the cloud,” and each time the user accesses the service, the files are synced with whatever device is currently being used. Many students have found that cloud-based file management provides the convenience and flexibility needed for their mobile, always-connected lifestyles, and growing numbers of them show up at college having used such services in high school. The seamless, cross-platform functionality of cloud-based file services provides high levels of access and flexibility, though education and awareness are necessary to minimize activities that could expose private information.

In the 7 Things You Should Know About Organizing Files in the Cloud, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative’s (ELI) latest in the monthly series, learn how cloud storage offers students and faculty the option to work in real time more effectively because it increases the range of files available for on-the-spot access.

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