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New ELI 7 Things... Explores Personalized Digital Magazines

 Applications like Flipboard, Zite, RSS5000, and Taptu aggregate content from personal social media networks and other sources, presenting the information in a snappy magazine-style format complete with headlines, images, column formatting, and multimedia. Users set up sections, like those in a newspaper, and each section provides content from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, or other social media account or pulls data from an RSS feed or a website. As students contribute their own text, photos, videos, and related links to the network, the emerging content can engage classmates and encourage participation in the conversation. These products change who has control of content and raise new questions about copyright.

In the 7 Things You Should Know About™ Personalized Digital Magazines, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative’s (ELI) latest in the monthly series, discover how implementation of these products in academic settings, although still in the early stages, can set the expectation for similar content-delivery products on smart phones and laptops.

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