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New ELI 7 Things... Explores WordPress

 WordPress is an open-source web application that is fundamentally a tool for publishing content, and a broad array of colleges and universities have made use of WordPress and encouraged its use among faculty members, staff, and students. For campus-wide use, IT staff can install a local instance of WordPress with the multisite feature enabled; where institutions have not undertaken an installation, some individual instructors have set up their own WordPress instances. WordPress offers a stable, flexible, and highly configurable platform that provides a one-stop shop as a web development tool and a publishing forum for students and faculty.

In the 7 Things You Should Know About™ WordPress, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative’s (ELI) latest in the monthly series, discover how this application offers students the chance to write reflectively for various audiences, giving them practice in having their voices heard and their views considered by a wide variety of individuals.

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