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Apple iPad Begins Pre-Orders and Early Estimates are at 120,000

I have been reading this article from Fortune Apple 2.0 Blog about pre-order estimates on the Apple iPad. While these are just estimates, what struck me about the estimates were that there was a heavy lean towards the 802.11 Wi-Fi model and that orders seemed equally split between the various storage options (16, 32, 64 GB).

The piece that really got me thinking here was in terms of our campus wireless canopies and whether the iPad will become as ubiquitous as the iPhone, and if so does this mean students will now have a third 802.11 device. In my own observations, it appears that most students now have the laptop or netbook as well as the iPhone or iPod touch. Will the iPad become the third ubiquitous Wi-Fi device on our networks and if so will 802.11N coverage be enough to fill this need?



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I don't think  wifi coverage will be an issue; I do wonder about iPad uptake though. It's hard to imagine someone carrying 3 devices. But I wonder, if you had to pick two, any two, which folks would pick...No one device (iPad, cellphone/pda, netbook) completely replaces the other.

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