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Constitution Day - an opportunity for Internet law education

September 17 is Constitution Day/Citizenship Day, commemorating the September 17, 1787, signing of the U.S. Constitution.  In recognition, Congress has mandated that every educational institution receiving federal funds take a day to teach about the seminal document.  (As September 17 falls on a religious holiday [Rosh Hashanah] this year, institutions may celebrate either the preceding or the following week.)  To assist students and educators in their studies, free online resources are available from the Department’s Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) web site, as well as the National History Education Clearinghouse and the National Archives and Records Administration.  For more information, visit

The Internet has introduced several interesting Constitutional issues, particularly in the area of "free speech" and "privacy expectations" online.   You may want to use the campus requirement for the observance of Constitution Day/Citizenship Day as an opportunity to advance awareness about some of the rights, responsibilities, and freedoms as they are applied in the Internet age.  One resource to consider is our previous EDUCAUSE Live!

          Constitution Day:  Free Speech in Cyberspace

Please share with EDUCAUSE Policy any outreach activities that you conduct on Constitution Day.


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