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Gig.U Members Will Compete for $200 Million for Broadband Development

The University Community Next Generation Innovation Project (Gig.U) and Gigabit Squared announced the nation’s first multi-community broadband gigabit deployment with the availability of $200 million in funding. Under the Gigabit Neighborhood Gateway Program, capital is available to support up to six select Gig.U member-sponsored projects.

According to a story in the New York Times, Mark Ansboury, the president and co-founder of Gigabet Squared, said "the investment in high-speed wired networks was needed because American telephone and cable companies had shifted their focus to wireless systems, which are convenient but much slower."  Gigabit Squared described the next generation of Internet service as two gigabits — about 2,000 megabits per second, roughly 71 times the speed of a standard cable modem.“ The Stimulus Funding was a great jumpstart to get broadband initiatives on track in the U.S. But it is just a starting point,” explains Ansboury.  “In order to realize true economic revitalization, we’re urging our national and community leaders to think and act in more creative ways. And we’re backing those efforts with significant investment of our own.”

See the Press Release for more information.