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National Cyber Security Awareness Month Outreach Events

The month of October marks the first official observance of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. After several attempts to find a common day or time period to generate a coordinated, national awareness campaign, the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) ( has stepped up to become the focal point for awareness efforts targeted to home users, small businesses, and educational institutions. Cong. Sherwood Boehlert (R-NY), chair of the House Science Committee, introduced H. Con. Res. 502 last week "expressing the sense of Congress with respect to raisng awareness and enhancing the state of computer security in the United States and supporting the goals and ideas of National Computer Security Awareness Month." Accordingly, the EDUCAUSE/Internet2 Security Task Force is a supporter of the NCSA and is working very closely with other organizations on the promotion of National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

At a launch event last Thursday held at the National Press Club, Jack Suess, CIO at UMBC and Cochair of the Security Task Force, read a statement that included the following summary:

. . . we are happy to join in partnership with the NCSA and others dedicated to promoting cyber security awareness in an effort to develop consistent and effective messages that will lead to the establishment of a culture of security in our homes, workplaces, schools, and academia.

An EDUCAUSE Live event this past week focused on "Campus and National Approaches to Improving Cybersecurity Awareness." An archive of the presentation is available at The event included an announcement of the availability of a Cybersecurity Awareness Resources CD for the Higher Education Community that will be distributed to all of the attendees of the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference. Copies of the CD's are also available upon request by sending your postal mailing address to

Below is a summary of other outreach events planned during October:

The conference will provide an up-to-date national perspective on one of the toughest problems IT professionals face - security. Leaders in this field will discuss how far we've come, the challenges ahead, and ways to meet those challenges. Effective security solutions and new ideas that conference participants can put right to work in their own environments will be presented.

Developed as a collaboration between Carnegie Mellon CyLab, the Nation's largest academic center for cybersecurity-related research and education, and InSITeS, the institute within the Heinz School of Public Policy and Management that focuses on Technology and Society, the symposium will examine the role of the government in setting a broad national agenda for improving the state of cybersecurity. The Carnegie Mellon CyLab Cybersecurity Journalism Awards recognize excellence in the journalistic coverage of cybersecurity issues and threats that impact individual citizens, businesses, schools and the nation’s economic security.

Shirley C. Payne, Director, Security Coordination and Policy, University of Virginia
Krizi Trivisani, Chief Security Officer, The George Washington University
Calvin Weeks, Director, Cyber Forensics Lab, University of Oklahoma

This session will offer help in implementing a security awareness program that teaches physical and system security precautions, establishes realistic expectations, and decreases the overall cost of securing an enterprise network by teaching users to share best practices with peers and by improving security in the workplace and in home work environments.

If your campus is planning awareness events for your community during October, please let us know by forwarding more information to so we can compile a list of higher education activities.

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