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Welcome To Rodney's Cybersecurity Blog

Welcome to this blog space that will contain news and insights based upon my work in the area of cybersecurity. As the coordinator of the EDUCAUSE/Internet2 Computer and Network Security Task Force, I gain first-hand insights into the efforts of colleges and universities across the country. Additionally, my office location in Washington, D.C., and my participation in the public policy arena along side of government and industry gives me inside information that I can use to communicate timely information to the higher education community as well as to advance our cause in Congress and with the federal regulatory agencies.

The Security Task Force has been pursuing goals in the following areas that I will provide some updates on in subsequent posts: 1) Education & Awareness, 2) Standards, Policies, and Procedures, 3) Security Architecture & Technical Tools, 4) Organization and Information Sharing. For more information about the Security Task Force and our related activities, visit Also, additional resources on cybersecurity are available from the Cybersecurity Resource Center.

If you have any questions or comments regarding items posted to this blog, please email me directly at

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