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What do you want to know about Evolving Technologies

The Evolving Technologies committee (ETCOM) has been working hard (reading and dialoging). We're currently developing an outline of categories with which to guide our writing about evolving technologies. We hope you might help!

The following outline is developed after looking at prior reports of ETCOM, Horizon Report, etc. 

A. Overview of the Technology (Technology Name/description)
  • Features and Options
  • Service Provisioning
  • Operational Procedures 
  • Financial Characteristics 
  • Example Brands
B. How/why "Evolving"
general trends, 
technological trends, 
societal trends, or 
facilitative trends
Future Projections 
C. Relevance to HE
Teaching & Learning
Research & Creative Inquiry
Examples in HE
D. Implementation
Best Practices
E. Bibliography/Resources


This is the LONG (everything we found, we included) list. What are we missing? What is too much? What is it you and people on your campus want/need to know when dialoging about an "evolving" technology?


Tags from the Community


ETCOM folks,

I'm realizing that we'll also have to strategies how we'll be making connections between the themes and the specific evolving techs.



  • Define the ET.
  • Background of the ET.
  • What are some of the key questions to ask about the ET?
  • Why is the ET important to Higher Education?


  • What are the implementation challenges?
  • How is the ET evolving?
  • What are the likely impacts of the ET in the coming one-to-three years?
  • What are the related Higher Education projects?
  • Who are the major ET vendors?
  • what are the ‘rules of thumb’ for judging among them?


  • What are the consequences of implementing the ET?
  • How should we proceed?