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You 3.0: You as Evolving Technology

 This year the Evolving Technologies Committee (ETCOM) identified the "You" in "Technology Users" as the evolving technology.

Being a You 3.0 means acknowledging "The essence of technology is nothing technological" (Martin Heidegger).
In an evolving You 3.0 world:
  • technologies have become more about consumers and individual mobility,
  • technologies have become more about individual processes and services,
  • technology issues have become more about how individuals manage large amounts of data and security risk, 
  • technology issues have become more about how individuals personalize complex tools and communicate their processes to others.
Coming Soon:
But why wait for the conference or the article, let's get started now...tweet out "I am You 3.0, (with a brief description of how you are You 3.0)" and tag the tweet #ETCOM10.
For example:
  • @rrodrigo I am You 3.0, most of my hardware technologies have names and are part of my family #ETCOM10
  • @rrodrigo I am You 3.0, I love sharing complex layered technology tip & tricks to help faculty more easily process people, paper & projects #ETCOM10
  • @rrodrigo I am You 3.0, I'm beyond just Googling; instead I use Google's Wonderwheel, Timeline, Scholar, News Archive, & Alerts. #ETCOM10
Heidegger, Martin. (1977). The Question Concerning Technology (Wiliam Lovitt, Trans.) in David Farrell Kresll (Ed.) Martin Heidegger: Basic Writings. New York: Harper & Row.



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