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Current Issues: Funding IT & Evolving Technologies

EDUCAUSE's Current Issues Committee identified "Funding IT" as the #1 current issue in its 2009 annual report. Certain technologies were mentioned as possible aids in in addressing budget concerns:

  • virtualization
  • cloud computing / grid computing (including software as a service)
  • online collaborative tools (blogs, wikis, web conferencing, shared docs, etc.)
  • web-enabled educational experience tools / services (integrating your LMS with services like Twitter, Second Life, and Facebook)
  • mobile devices

The Evolving Technologies has discussed these tools in the past but perhaps people want to hear more about the above, or about the above tools specifically in the context of cost saving? Is this of interest?

Also, to contribute to our Evolving Tech blog, just log into EDUCAUSE, choose "blog entry" in the create content area of your profile (click on "manage my profile"), and create your entry. If you list  ETCOM and evolving technologies as blog topics, then your entry will aggregate to our page.

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