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Ideas for 2010 Evolving Technologies Committee

In 2009, the Evolving Technologies Committee discussed cyberinfrastructure and high-performance computing, open source learning management systems, product management, library and information resource management technologies, IT service management, and offered a review of the past 10 years of ETCOM work. What should our focus be this year?

Ideas we had, or heard from our audience, are: e-readers, multimedia services/classroom capture/streaming services, e-discovery & cloud computing, virtualization technologies, and a review of how recent economic trends may have impacted evolving technologies.

Other thoughts?


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Hi...first of all I'm a little unclear if/why folks need to sign-on to comment.  Am I missing something?

I guess this first comment goes to what I think should be a focus on social learning and the move towards open platforms.  Check out Siemens excellent post Future of learning: LMS or SNS? « Connectivism

This seems like a great does one get at seat at this table? Josh


Hi, thanks for your comments and for the link to your blog. Very helpful. (And the army has terrific guidelines for online learning & online community building btw).

I can't speak for EDUCAUSE on why you need to sign in, but as someone who's hosted my own blog in the past, I suspect it's because it's easier to control for spam and less likely to have inappropriate posts. But I really don't know. It is a barrier to engagement; how much of one, I'm not sure.

I like your link to the sns/lms discussion. This is interesting and to me points to the larger issue of --not the future of learning as indicated in the headline there (which is also correct)--but the future of The Higher Education Institution..... There's learning and then there's Credentialing. Which involves Identity Management. Social networking can promote learning but right now the credentialing is another matter.

There are a couple of  ways to get a seat at the table. You can offer to volunteer with EDUCAUSE and indicate interest in ETCOM. Typically there are more volunteers than seats but still, that's the most direct way. And then there's participating in this blog or any other work we do. This year we decided to do the blog as a way of getting more input into our work, and--from my perspective--it's already working! My plan is for us to continue to share our work via the blog to solicit more contributions, but what happens with all this remains to be seen... we're still experimenting.