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Shiny and New?: what's capturing ETCOM members' attention

At last week's ETCOM meeting, we went around the virtual table and listed the technologies attracting our interest currently. Here they are:

  • creating a university-branded research cloud
  • "cross reality": blending physical and virtual realities synchronously
  • iPads and provider network plans
  • mobile learning and real-time assessment
  • flex computing: virtual desktops for students and staff
  • use of Google voice at the help desk
  • video capture & speech to text conversion services
  • content clouds and mapping and other visualization technologies

Do these topics resonate with you? What's attracting your attention?


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 CLEs is what I am focussing all my efforts on at the moment.

I dont know what you mean by content cloud, I see it as learning content hosted on the cloud along with other cloud based collaboration and communication tools.

Making a Learning environment that is partially institutional but also has cross-institutional capabilities (i.e. open)