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NCSAM 2015 Highlights Plus the New 2016 Campus Security Awareness Campaign

As the 12th anniversary of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) wraps up, we would like to thank the higher education community for another successful celebration! Colleges and universities continue to offer fun, creative activities and events for students, faculty, staff, and their local communities. Here are just a few highlights.

NCSAM Champions: Over 140 higher education institutions showed their support as official champions, along with individuals, businesses, organizations, and government agencies.

NCSAM Activities: More than 200 institutions shared their plans during the month of October. See what events took place by visiting the NCSAM Resource Kit.

Security, Privacy, and Risk Sessions at EDUCAUSE 2015

EDUCAUSE 2015 (October 27-30) offers a variety of security, privacy, identity, and risk-related sessions. Whether you plan to join us in Indianapolis or participate online, we encourage you to participate and show your support for our community members!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Preconference Seminars (separate registration required)

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Higher Education and Privacy in the Age of Big Data

As higher education institutions continue identifying new ways to leverage big data, it is important to consider the privacy implications and implement best practices. Sol Bermann, campus privacy officer at the University of Michigan and co-chair of the EDUCAUSE Higher Education Chief Privacy Officers working group, describes several privacy challenges institutions face, such as anonymization and de-identification, the unintentional use of data beyond the original intended purpose, and the omnipresent collection, analysis, and sharing of data. Bermann also cites foundational principles around student data privacy and suggests four steps or best practices: plan, be transparent, handle data carefully and with purpose, and provide for individual control.

Let's Get Ready for NCSAM 2015

NCSAM 2014National Cyber Security Awareness Month is just a few months away. Summer is the perfect time to start planning events and activities for your campus. Join EDUCAUSE and NCSA as we celebrate the 12th annual NCSAM this October.

Here are a few ways you can show your support and help us make NCSAM 2015 the most successful yet!

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Using Smartphone Apps Safely

By Celina Stewart

Celina Stewart is an undergraduate student in International Relations at Brown University.

"We should hack an application," a fellow teaching assistant brainstormed to our Cybersecurity and International Relations Teaching Staff at Brown University. His suggestion to hack a widely used photo- and video-sharing app, popular especially among college students, might seem malicious or even illegal. However, after vetting the idea and checking its legality (we created our own account to hack by cracking our own password rather than targeting the application itself), we scheduled a lab aptly called "Scaring you into securing your information."

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Hey, Students Are Consumers, Too

J. Trevor Hughes, CIPP

J. Trevor Hughes, President and CEO, International Association of Privacy Professionals

Lately, a slew of research has been released about how the public perceives the digital economy's impact on their privacy. Perhaps Pew's work has been most often cited: Ninety-one percent of Americans believe they've lost control over how their personal information is collected and used by companies; 64 percent think the government needs to do more to regulate the way advertisers use personal information.

Maybe it's easy for those in the academic world to look at those numbers and think, "I'm glad I'm not in the business world! Man, they've got some data privacy issues to sort through!"

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5 Observations from Michelle Dennedy

The January 20, 2015 EDUCAUSE Live! webinar “The Power of Privacy and the Passion to Build Something Better” presented by Michelle Finneran Dennedy, Vice President and Chief Privacy Officer, McAfee, raised the following issues:

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The Numbing Effect of Data Security: Remote Misses

By Chato Hazelbaker

Chato Hazelbaker is the Chief Information and Communication Officer at Clark College.

At a recent meeting of higher education CIOs, there was broad agreement that we should all be somewhat grateful for the recent security breaches at Target, Home Depot, Sony, and other businesses. The feeling was that now executives would start paying attention to information security. I see the wisdom in this theory. However, on reflection, I think that these personal remote misses are actually the worst thing that can happen and might actually lead to people dismissing or ignoring security more than ever.

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HEISC Update: 2014 Accomplishments and 2015 Priorities

As 2014 comes to a close, we would like to highlight some of the HEISC (Higher Education Information Security Council) accomplishments this year.

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Data Privacy Month 2015

Data Privacy Month 2014Did you know that Data Privacy Month (January 28-February 28, 2015) is just two months away? Now is the perfect time for colleges and universities to start planning activities and events.

Here are several ways that you can help raise awareness about data privacy issues on your campus.

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