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Free SANS Webcast Sep. 27: NetWars Presentation with Ed Skoudis

Listen to the archived recording of the SANS NetWars webcast, which took place Tuesday, September 27. Ed Skoudis provided and overviews of SANS NetWars Continuous Play and Tournament Play to determine interest in a special NetWars offering. SANS, in cooperation with EDUCAUSE and REN-ISAC, may offer a special EDU pricing program for NetWars "Continuous Play" to the EDU Community. For those players, if we get enough, a NetWars “Tournament Play” will be held at the 10th Annual Security Professionals Conference hosted by EDUCAUSE and Internet2, May 15-17 in Indianapolis. A decision to hold the Continuous and Tournament Play will depend heavily on feedback from the presentation as well as a survey to follow the presentation.

NetWars is a collection of computer and network security challenges designed to represent real-world security issues, their flaws, and their resolutions. Each player can follow an independent path based on individual problem solving skills, technical skills, aptitude, and creativity.

Continuous play: allows four (4) months of access for a player. Challenging, building, and measuring the player's skills throughout the way. This delivery format is played "at will" or self-paced. The player is not competing with other players as in Tournament play.

Tournament play: 1 or more intense days of assessment and training, synchronized with others participants in a tournament style setup. Tournament play includes a ranking scorecard vs other participants. Useful to assess skill levels, evaluate performances and learn.

This presentation is built specifically for the EDU community. You will need a SANS Portal account to view the archived recording. If you do not have an account, you can create one.


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