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FTC Guide: Fighting Fraud with the Red Flags Rule

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently released Fighting Fraud with the Red Flags Rule: A How-To Guide for Business.The Red Flags Rule requires many businesses and organizations to implement a written Identity Theft Prevention Program designed to detect the warning signs – or "red flags" – of identity theft in their day-to-day operations. (Sample campus policies and programs are available on the EDUCAUSE Resource Center page for the Red Flags Rule.)

Read Fighting Fraud with the Red Flags Rule: A How-To Guide for Business to:

  • Find out if the rule applies to your business or organization;
  • Get practical tips on spotting the red flags of identity theft, taking steps to prevent the crime, and mitigating the damage it inflicts; and
  • Learn how to put in place your written Identity Theft Prevention Program.

By identifying red flags in advance, you'll be better equipped to spot suspicious patterns when they arise and take steps to prevent a red flag from escalating into a costly episode of identity theft. Take advantage of other resources on the FTC's site to educate your employees and colleagues about complying with the Red Flags Rule.

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