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Higher Education Activities during Data Privacy Month

Although this is only the second year that colleges and universities are working together to observe and promote Data Privacy Month, many campuses are busy planning local or regional events, tweeting daily with the hashtags #dataprivacy and #dpd13, and writing blogs or articles about data privacy. We hope these activities will encourage you to consider ways to promote Data Privacy Month this year or begin thinking about how yor campus will participate in 2014.

  • Brown University will host a colloquium, Perspectives on Privacy: Rights, the Law and the University, on January 28. Guest speaikers include Robert Ellis Smith, Steve McDonald, and David Sherry.
  • Indiana University is hosting two presentations on Identity Theft and Mobile Device Security on January 28. IU's Chief Privacy Officer, Merri Beth Lavagnino, is busy tweeting, blogging, and joining two of her Chief Privacy Officer colleagues (Jane Rosenthal and Kent Wada) for a free EDUCAUSE webinar on January 30.
  • Memorial University will offer a morning symposium, "The Cloud and You," as well an afternoon session, "Anatomy of a Privacy Breach." Both events are free and open to the university and the public. Privacy training sessions for all university employees are also offered on an ongoing basis.
  • North Carolina State University is sponsoring three presentations in January to empower campus users to protect their privacy and to control their digital footprint.
  • North Dakota State University has developed online materials and face-to-face presentations to promote data privacy awareness and encourage best practices for managing data on campus.
  • University of Connecticut's Assistant Director of Compliance and Privacy is blogging throughout the month of January in order to share data privacy resources such as posters, videos, webinars, and tips for protecting personal information.
  • University of Kansas offers online resources, as well as presentations on privacy for faculty, staff, or student groups.
  • University of Pennsylvania provides online resources and the option to consult a privacy liaison. On January 23, guest lecturer Anita Allen (Henry R. Silverman Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy) will speak about "Privacy & Moral Philosophy: A Duty to Protect Oneself?".
  • Wayne State University is blogging about data and privacy issues throughout the month of January.

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