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How Colleges and Universities Can Support NCSAM

Colleges and universities play an essential role in ensuring students, faculty, and staff stay safe and secure online. A great place to start is by participating in National Cyber Security Awareness Month this October. Whether you are able to show your support for just one day or every day this October, consider the following ways you can make a difference to raise cybersecurity awareness.

What you can do…
…in one minute:

  • E-mail other school administrators and student leaders about National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Encourage them to integrate messages about “Our Shared Responsibility” in maintaining cybersecurity in their written communications and presentations to campus audiences during October. Learn more about NCSAM.
  • E-mail the NSCAM poster to campus administrators, deans, housing managers, and other campus leadership. Ask them to display the poster in common areas beginning October 1. Download the poster and other materials.
  • Promote NCSAM on your university website and social media pages. Find web banners to post, as well as buttons and social media messages to share on Facebook and Twitter.

…in one hour:

  • Show your cybersecurity leadership by becoming an NCSAM Champion. It’s free and easy to sign up.
  • Schedule a meeting with security personnel or campus police to discuss ways you can partner on strengthening cybersecurity on campus. Include cybersecurity as an agenda item in an upcoming staff or faculty meeting.

…in one day:

  • Hold a “Cybersecurity Day” event on campus. Have your IT personnel or computer sciences department give presentations on smart computer practices and campus online security measures. See what other campuses are doing (and find free resources) by visiting the NCSAM Resource Kit.
  • Ask the board of trustees to pass a formal proclamation in support of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, observed nationwide October 2014.

…all month long:

  • Hold a campus poster/video contest in which students create public service announcements to educate their peers using STOP. THINK. CONNECT., the national cybersecurity awareness campaign. Display the posters and videos around campus. Share past student contest videos and posters as examples.

…all year round:

Visit the National Cyber Security Alliance's website to download a PDF version of these tips: How College Administrators Can Support NCSAM.

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