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InCommon Creates New Dynamic Web Pages for IdPs and SPs

InCommon has created new dynamic web pages intended to provide more information about all of the services available throughout the InCommon Federation. Specifically, they want to make it easier to identify and promote services, and therefore increase the value of federation to everyone. On the InCommon website, you will now find a list of all identity providers (IdPs) and service providers (SPs) deployed in the federation. You’ll see tabs for IdPs and SPs at the top of the page. This will complement the list of all InCommon participants.

This past summer, each organization was asked to provide a number of new metadata elements for each identity provider and/or service provider registered in the federation (called entities). InCommon is using that information to create an individual web page that includes:

  • the name and logo for the service provider/identity provider
  • a short description
  • a URL that leads to additional information
  • a URL that leads to a privacy statement
  • contact information (names and email addresses for the administrative, technical, and support contacts in metadata)
  • for service providers, a list of requested attributes

One reason InCommon is exposing this information is to increase the value of the federation for sponsored partners by showing more information about the services they provide. It should also help current participants find new services with which they can federate. More information is available in the FAQ on the InCommon Collaborate wiki.