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Broadband Coalition Releases its Progress Report to the FCC

The US Broadband Coalition presented its latest progress report to the FCC and to the public on September 24. EDUCAUSE has been a member of the coalition since its inception almost two years ago and has played an active role in both facilitating its work and contributing to its debate. The Coalition represents, above all else, an unprecedented effort to bring stakeholders in the National Broadband Plan (NBP) together to try and reach consensus on the myriad issues facing the development of such a proposal. Blair Levin, in charge of developing the FCC’s NBP, due to Congress in February 2010, had requested that the USBBC report be issued no later than October 1. But when Mr. Levin opened the session on the 24th he told the Coalition that their work “is not done until we (the FCC) get the report produced and to Congress in February, 147 days from now.” Jim Baller, president of the Coalition, answered that despite the fact that the work had been about as easy as “pushing a wheelbarrow of frogs”; the group was willing to reconvene and work on specific issues as needed.  EDUCAUSE was chosen to present on behalf of the education community at the event. The full report is available at:

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