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Who Participates in a Connect event?

Content leaders and participants are diverse in terms of gender, age, experience, and expertise and come from a variety of institutions—large and small, public and private, community colleges, and more. Consequently, the event offers a content-rich program to appeal across key issues in higher education IT.

The Connect events are part of the greater EDUCAUSE strategy to reach beyond those who attend our annual and special topic conferences in order to bring affordable professional development to more of our colleagues and to provide opportunities to build professional networks:

  • Between 50-60% of the participants do not attend the annual conference.
  • Many are “first-time” participants in an EDUCAUSE event.

Connect events draw attendance from 20 or more states and up to 150 institutions. There may also be some international participation. Participant campus roles can be roughly divided into thirds:

  • 25-30% are generally frontline staff who serve on the help desk, as instructional designers, as web developers, or in similar roles.
  • 20-25% are directors and managers who oversee IT services
  • 8-12% percent are CIOs or equivalent
  • Others include administrators, librarians, faculty, deans, students, and those in other IT-related roles

Past Connect evaluations indicate that participants seek inspiration, practical takeaways (including scalable ideas), new trends, the pulse of the profession, and, of course, networking and affinity building opportunities. They appreciate sessions that provide an engaging learning opportunity, where honest discussion can occur on the topic.



Connect events are held in the spring are locations will vary annually:

2014: Portland, Chicago, Baltimore
2015: San Diego, San Antonio
2016: Denver, Miami

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