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To bring the community together on big topics in higher education IT, EDUCAUSE holds annual Sprints. A Sprint is a free, online experience that focuses on a single, important topic. Through online discussions, webinars, and shared resources, the experience provides an opportunity to share information, lessons-learned, and surface important questions we need to be thinking about.

Where did the sprint concept come from?

EDUCAUSE Sprints were designed to simulate other commonly known single-topic, highly-focused events and community gatherings:

  • Code and book sprints
  • Innovation jams
  • Cause- and advocacy-based events
How does it work?

Participants are invited to visit a website throughout the event. The sprint is a build-your-own experience—you chose which activities to participate in, based on your interests and needs. Each day we reveal a new web page with links to free synchronous and asynchronous activities. Registration is only required for the live webinars during the event.

Past Sprints:

Beyond MOOCs 3-Day Sprint
July 30–August 1, 2013

Analytics 3-Day Sprint
July 24–26, 2012

Mobile Computing 5-Day Sprint
April 25–29, 2011