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Discusses the types of issues managers encounter in selecting, planning, implementing, managing, and decommissioning administrative systems.
Exchanges information related to the field of online and blended teaching and learning.
Provides a forum regarding the ability of higher education institutions to maintain services when normal operations are disrupted.
Addresses the challenges of providing IT leadership and support to the students, faculty, and staff of business schools and colleges.
Discusses the issues and challenges affecting chief information officers in higher education.
Provides forum to learn about and discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with the adoption of cloud computing.
Discusses important communication and collaboration technology issues.
Focuses on how to manage technology-based information resources in the community college environment.
Provides a forum for corporations serving the higher education community to offer open and direct input on the issues the community faces.
Discusses organizational and technological issues, tools, and solutions for managerial decision-making, strategic planning, and information reporting.
Discusses issues and challenges associated with the design, deployment, and management of campus digital signage networks.
Provides for open dialogue and creates avenues for collaboration to support group members, provide mentors, and advocate for diversity issues.
Discusses issues related to administrative and campus computing environments at very small schools (< 1,000 FTE).
Provides a forum for start-up and emerging IT companies serving the higher education community to discuss challenges, network, and share ideas.
Discusses strategies for selecting, implementing, and supporting Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions across your institution.
Focuses on developing the skills, tools, and a suite of resources to assist institutions with their enterprise, business, and technical architecture.
Discusses the evolving domain of digital textbooks, multimedia supplements, tutorial websites, e-reader/annotation software, and related materials.
Provides a forum for information and idea exchange for all issues related to evidence-based practice in teaching and learning.
This group is dedicated to the discussion and development of games for learning. Even game skeptics are welcome to join the conversation.
Provides a forum for higher education professionals to share thoughts and experiences about the Google Apps suite.
Provides a discussion forum for issues and challenges facing IT professionals serving in medical and health related institutions.
Provides a forum for all topics related to identity and access management
Discusses all aspects of instructional design including pedagogy, learning science, technology, and the specific use of data to inform design.
Provides a forum for the discussion of key issues relating to instructional technologies.
Helps the community to assess the scope of issues of IT accessibility, identify resources and initiatives, and develop best practices.
Addresses the challenges of serving the institution's CIO as the Chief Financial or Business Officer for the IT organization.
Addresses the challenge that IT professionals and organizations face in communicating strategically and clearly to various constituencies.
Provides a gathering place to exchange information relating to IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance programs.
Discusses issues and challenges associated with developing, collecting, and reporting IT metrics in a higher education environment.
Discusses adoption and implementation of ITSM (IT Service Management) guidance and the related issues that are particular in higher education.
Provides participants with the opportunity to discuss issues and challenges associated with developing, renewing, and managing IT strategic plans.
Provides participants with an opportunity to share ideas and concerns about supporting individual users of information technologies.
Provides a forum for the discussion of topics related to learning space design.
Discusses IT career issues of interest to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex communities and their allies.
Discusses issues related to the partnerships and collaborative efforts between librarians and information technologists.
Discussion space for all aspects of research, design, and implementation of microcredentialing and/or digital badging systems.
Provides a hub for discussion and discovery of innovative and functional uses for mobile devices throughout higher education.
Provides an opportunity to share ideas and concerns about managing and supporting networks, including the expanding area of wireless networks.
Focuses on the emergence and adoption of open technologies, practices, policies, and initiatives.
Focuses on developing, maintaining, and enforcing campus technology policies, and on understanding their legal and ethical environment.
Discussions about privacy issues and challenges in higher education.
Discusses applying and sharing product management best practices, principles, and frameworks.
Provides a forum for managers (and aspiring managers) to discuss the spectrum of issues related to IT staff management and professional development.
Focuses on issues faced by project managers of technical projects within higher education.
Focuses on the ways in which information technologies affect the operations of higher education registrars and admissions officers.
Addresses the challenges of providing IT leadership and support to the students, faculty, and staff of engineering schools and colleges.
Provides a forum to identify problems and share strategies or solutions as colleges and universities continue to improve information security programs
Provides a forum for higher education institutions to collaborate and share their experiences with SharePoint and Office 365.
Discusses information technology issues unique to small colleges (< 5,000 FTE).
Explores the implications of the integration of social media throughout higher education.
Focuses on the issues involved in blending the interests of software providers with the unique licensing needs of higher education institutions.
Focuses on planning, coordinating, facilitating, and/or providing technology services for state higher education systems.
Discusses issues related to providing IT services to areas within student affairs.
Discusses the opportunities to reduce green house gas emissions through our IT infrastructure.
Discusses the issues and challenges of supporting user experience practices in IT.
Discusses virtual environments as a teaching tool and learning platform.
Devoted to solution-independent Web portal technology in higher education institutions.
Discusses the use of the Web as both a productivity and a public relations tool for institutions.
Addresses all forms of wireless local area networking in the unlicensed spectrum, including 802.11x, emerging broadband, and high-speed technologies.
Collects and disseminates effective practices in the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women in higher education IT.