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We are a Banner school.  We have a manually created document, PDF, listing general university departments with the general office phone number and fax number.  You can see it from the link on the bottom left of this page:

We'd like to get out of doing this manually in central IT, and we'd like for departments to be able to maintain this in Banner.  Is anyone creating reports like this?  Where are you storing the data and how does the list get produced?

Theresa Rowe
Chief Information Officer
Oakland University
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We tossed around putting the departments in as a general person record in Banner . What do you think of that?  That way we’d have an email address also for the departments which we need to use quite frequently.


Haven’t done anything yet but it’s an idea that’s been considered.




Kay Taylor Hume 
DBA/Systems Analyst, Tennessee Tech University     931-372-3976




Exactly - I hadn't even considered the email connection.  That's a great idea.



We’re also a Banner school, but we manage our phone book outside of Banner.  We have a home-grown database that is updated by departmental phonebook representatives.  It’s fairly robust and full-featured.  Departmental rosters come from Banner employee records.  See it at .  While the central computing staff manages adds and removals of departments, departments do all the updating.




Thanks, I hadn't considered just rolling the database out.  Interesting idea.



We are a Banner school as well.  We created a custom table of departments in Banner along with a custom form to populate them.  We added this as part of the Quick Flow that HR populates when people are hired or move positions.  We don't generally do customizations but short of changing the Chart of Accounts (which our Controller wisely resisted at that point), that was our option.  We then feed this in a Banner view to our Active Directory and perform a look up from our Active Directory.   Here is the link: 







Peggy Kay

Director, Enterprise Applications

University of the Pacific