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We are currently using Millennium / Innovative Interfaces Inc. as our library information system on campus, but would like to explore other options.  I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with any other products, particularly the open source options that are now available.
Thanks in advance, feel free to contact me directly.
Mike Romanovsky
Associate Director of Systems and Networks
The Culinary Institute of America
Phone: 845-451-1491
Fax: 845-451-1063
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Dear Michael,

We have been pleased with our transition from ISOxford’s Heritage IV to Koha ( Feature wise, these two systems have a good equivalency, other than the cataloguing interface. I don’t know, though, how it would compare with III. I would assume III would have quite a few more bells and whistles (it has been several years since I have worked with it, and at that point only minimally). We are hosted by OSLO in Ireland, but there are several hosting vendors out there  if you would prefer not to have the hassle of administering a library system.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have further questions.




J. Alan Schrock

Director of Information Technology, Library, and Academic Services

European Nazarene College

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