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Hi, all

The notes from the constituent group meeting at the Educause conference have been posted to the Educause website. I encourage you to review them, whether you were at the meeting or could not attend. The discussion began with introductions and the collection of major challenges each of you face at your institution, which led into a lively discussion of some of those topics.  My hope is that we will be able to continue that discussion on this mailing list, and I will be following up on that with some questions to you over the next few weeks.

The notes can be found at: I think you may need to be logged into the Educause website to view them. If anyone has any trouble, please let me know.

A special thanks to Eric Bird for taking notes at the meeting, and again to Kevin Shalla for leading the group so capably for so many years. 

(ASM CG Leader)

Matthew S. Burfeind

Deputy Chief Information Officer

Massachusetts College of Art and Design

621 Huntington Avenue

Boston, MA 02115

617.879.7872 (p)

617.879.7979 (f)

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