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I am reaching out to this community to find out which scheduling software tool your school is using for the scheduling of meetings for your school’s Dean of Students counselors.  Out of the box, does the software seamlessly integrate with your student data system and with Outlook?  Are you happy with the software?  What are the software’s shortcomings? 


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Cinnamon Gallatin

Project Manager

Information Technology Administrative Computing

Purdue University Student Health Center

601 Stadium Mall Drive

West Lafayette, 47907-2052

Tel: (765) 496-2245




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We haven't found anything that meets all those criteria.  Some offices are using our Google calendar and then re-entering appointments into Banner Student Retention Performance as contacts.  We are testing AdviserTrac now in our School of Business.  Others just use standard email to the individual and the individual books.  If you find something, please share your results.