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We currently provide students with email for life.  We have been asked to review two options for the replacement of our existing system, moving to a hosted solution such as Google Apps or Office365, or just providing a .edu email address and forwarding service to deliver messages to a students personal account.  We would like to hear others experience or opinions on this.  I have concerns with forwarding, particularly for current students as you can not guarantee delivery of important messages.  And with free or low-cost hosted email options available now, are more schools allowing alumni to retain a full email account?
Thank you, please feel free to contact me at my email below.

Mike Romanovsky
Associate Director of Systems and Networks
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We used to host our own e-mail and allow forwarding.  We now use Google Apps for student e-mail, and still allow forwarding.  Our position is that while we want to communicate with students, we can never guarantee that.  If students don’t want to read e-mail, they won’t, and if we disallow forwarding, some will stop reading all campus e-mail.  The best way to communicate with students is to only send them information they want, and not spam them.


We just moved our students & alumni to Office-365.

The university made a conscious decision to block auto-forwarding.  Students are advised to learn how to set up clients to harvest emails from multiple accounts if they must consolidate email.



We are currently planning to move our students on Google Apps or Office 365. However, we have always given alumni and students the ability to forward their messages to their personal emails.

-  Anshul


We use Google Apps for campus email.

We allow forwarding of email.  We state in policy that students are responsible reading for campus information sent:
"E.  Students are accountable for checking their E-Mail Address regularly (i.e., once per week) and are responsible for communication sent or received in this mode.  When forwarding e-mail from the Oakland University E-mail Account to another e-mail account, students are responsible for ensuring that the other e-mail account is functioning and able to receive the OU e-mails. "

So saying "I didn't pay my bill because I didn't get the email notice it was due because I forwarded it to an address and forgot" isn't tolerated.

We do not support alumni use of email after 1 year post graduation.  Just too complicated for us to do at this point.