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I just read through the paper again and it is another great article by Heifetz that has a lot to say to Architects of all stripes.  I look forward to discussing with you all tomorrow and hearing about your insights from the article.

The next Leading as an Architect Hangout is on Tuesday at 10AM Central Daylight Time.  We will talk about another Heifetz paper, "Leadership in a (Permanent) Crisis"  Harvard Business Review July-August 2009.

Here is a link to a PDF version:

Instructions on how to join the group are here:

This is open to all ITANA members.  I need to know you want to participate so I can add you to the Google+ Circle I invite into the hangout.   You need to add my personal Google+ Account to your Circles (

Talk with you in the morning. 


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Hi Jim,
Could you please add me to participate in the hang out?
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Kasia Azzara