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I am not sure where to ask this question and thought I would try this group first.  

We are looking for best practices in higher education for IT disaster/recovery.

I would like to know:

- What is your RTO and RPO for your ERP, in particular your financials systems?
- Do you have a secondary site in another region for disaster/recovery?
- How often do you do a table top exercise for your IT disaster/recovery?
- Do you do a cold start test with your financials at your location or at another location like SunGard?
- How is your financial system backed up?  mirrored in another data center, off-site tape?

Thanks for your help!


Colleen Nagy
Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives, Policy and Portfolio Management
Information Technology Services
Case Western Reserve University
Crawford 522
Cleveland, OH  44106

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Hi Colleen, I haven't got specific answers to your questions since I'm not directly involved with disaster recovery planning here at Berkeley. However, I do want to make sure you're aware of a tool that was developed in part here, Kuali Ready. Take a look at best, Russell