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Hi all I've been an interested lurker on this list for a while, watching everyone's EA progress. I have a request for direction from you all - not about EA but about technical architecture. Here at NYU we have a need for a 6 month engagement with a technical architect. I am wondering if you have any suggestions re job descriptions, any people who you think might be interested and good, approaches to avoid/approaches to embrace, etc. I know this list is not for job postings - and this is not that - I'd just like your advice. Here is what we think we're looking for: NYU is looking for the services of a technical architect to lead in the development of a plan for a High Availability/Business Continuity project that has been funded as part of a major Global IT expansion initiative. This position will work closely with our leadership team to develop a comprehensive strategic approach to improve the overall availability of our services. Our environment includes physical and virtual environments running Linux and Solaris OS's (+ a handful of Windows servers), Oracle and MySQL databases, several storage solutions from multiple vendors and applications that are both open-source and purchased. The infrastructure is housed in 3 data centers within NYC and one additional data center based outside of NYC. This project is intended to create an environment with shared workload and failover capability with the non-NYC data center such that the most critical services can run stand-alone if needed. In addition the desire is to create an environment in which as many services as possible can be updated without service interruption. Services running in this environment are part of the academic and shared services portfolio that include the University's central website and CMS, email gateway, Learning Management System, identity management, High Performance Computing, the Virtual Computing Lab, and Digital Library services. This person would work with the various subject matter experts to learn about the current environment and come up with a recommendation on the best architectural design to accomplish these goals. This project is expected to take at least 6 months full-time. Thanks much for any advice, pointers, etc. == Kitty Kitty Bridges | Assoc. VP, Strategic Comm. and Partnerships | ITS | New York University | email: bridges at | phone: 212/998-3032 ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at