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I hope to see you at EDUCAUSE next week.  The Face2Face 2012 will be on Tuesday and it is an all-day pre-conference session (SEM06F).  You can register on-site in the morning on Tuesday if you haven't registered all ready. 

If you will be at EDUCAUSE, check out the other ITANA events too.  

Tuesday, November 68 am to 4 pmITANA Face2Face Session on Disruptive Change and Enterprise Architecture (SEM_06F)
Wednesday, November 72:30 to 3:20 pmITANA Learning Theater Spotlight: What the heck is Enterprise Architecture (EA) and why should I care? 
Play the Enterprise Architecture Game at the EDUCAUSE booth in the exhibit hall
Thursday, November 81:30 to 2:20 pmITANA Discussion Session in meeting room 404
Thursday, November 82:40 to 6:30 pmITANA (un)Conference in meeting room 712

We will be adding resources to the wiki as the week goes on.  Watch this page for more information:

Finally, I would like to host some Google+  Hangouts as we go along to get lessons-learned from attendees.   Watch email and the Google+ page for more information.

See you next week,


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But go early if you can and help get the Colorado vote out!! 

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