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**ITANA Call 8-December-2011** **Attending** Jim Phelps, University of Wisconsin-Madison (chair) Andrew Gallo, George Washington U. Dave Donoho, George Washington U. Kasia Azzara, Columbia U. Piet Niederhausen, Georgetown Scott Fullerton, University of Wisconsin-Madison Chris Eagle, U. Michigan Leo Fernig, U. British Columbia Jens Haeusser , U. British Columbia Christian Johansen, Penn State Vinay[?], Weill Cornell Medical College Steve Olshansky, Internet2 (scribe) **New Action Items** [AI] (Jim, Kasia, and anyone interested) will draft a statement about what is different about EA in higher-ed. [AI] (All) interested in helping with the rebranding effort, contact Jim **Carryover Action Items** [AI] (Marina) will identify UC system people to present on their SOA initiative on a future ITANA call. [AI] (All) interested in participating in the rebranding effort - contact Jim off-list. [AI] (All who attended F2F) add your notes to the wiki [AI] (Jim Leous) send out the Penn State ARB review documents **Discussion** - SOA Working Group Progress Report "2012 environmental scan of SOA in higher education" This group is still forming, and intends to hold monthly calls (schedule TBD, perhaps on regular ITANA calls sometimes), featuring guests describing efforts under way at various campuses. Planned deliverables include working documents, more formal publications, survey of projects with a brief write-up of each: governance, services, technology, business process aspects, what was an impendence or road-blocks that slowed you down... -- SOA Vertical Standards: Is it up to this group to provide opinions and suggestions? We should know what they are, we should know how they are used by institutions and what domain(s) they apply to. --- Why didn't you align with a standard that you wanted to align with? --- Standards owners: History, stability, instances of use, intended use --- Institution's use of standards: How are you using it, how did you need to transform it, where didn't it work and why - Rebranding of ITANA [AI] (All) interested in helping with the rebranding effort, contact Jim -- Approval of the new Charter (see ) There were no objections to the new charter voiced on the call, and it was thus approved as is. It was noted that there are no other (canonical or otherwise) groups focused on EA in higher ed, although there are some focusing on public sector/gov't, and others on teaching EA in business school settings. Q: What is special about higher ed? Why should EA in this environment be different than in IT generally? Does this belong in the charter? A: Research focii, distributed environment (less cohesiveness when seeking stakeholder buy-in), lack of profit motivation, and the culture of the higher-ed community stand out, but generally there are more similarities than differences across verticals. [AI] (Jim, Kasia, and anyone interested) will draft a statement about what is different about EA in higher-ed. -- Note: the Capability Map can be seen at It was observed that in higher ed, the boundaries can be hard to discern. -- New Wiki Layout (see the wiki page: ) -- New Web Site ( has moved to new hosting. Still working on a new layout. -- Going forward ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at
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