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**ITANA Call 2-February-2012** **Attending** Jim Phelps, University of Wisconsin-Madison (chair) Glenn Donaldson, Ohio State Andrew Gallo, George Washington U. Christian Johansen, Penn State Jim Leous, Penn State Dave Donoho, George Washington U. Piet Niederhausen, Georgetown Keith Hazelton, University of Wisconsin-Madison Chris Eagle, U. Michigan Jim Behm, U. Michigan Sharif Nijim, Notre Dame Bob (?), Notre Dame Vinay Varughese, Weill Cornell Medical College Leo Fernig, U. British Columbia Paul Hobson U. British Columbia Jens Haeusser, U. British Columbia Steve Olshansky, Internet2 (scribe) **New Action Items** [AI] (All interested) in the higher-ed peer group, contact Chris Eagle. [AI] (Jim Phelps, Paul Hobson) develop a charge for sub-teams that includes the publication and outreach goals for the team. **Carryover Action Items** [AI] (All) Think about topics for potential Educause session(s). [AI] (Jim, Kasia, and anyone interested) will draft a statement about what is different about EA in higher-ed. [AI] (All) interested in helping with the rebranding effort, contact Jim [AI] (Marina) will identify UC system people to present on their SOA initiative on a future ITANA call. [AI] (All) interested in participating in the rebranding effort - contact Jim off-list. [AI] (All who attended F2F) add your notes to the wiki [AI] (Jim Leous) send out the Penn State ARB review documents **Discussion** 1. SOA WG Update - Leo Fernig The group will be reviewing their SOA survey form, and will then share it with anyone interested for feedback before distributing it broadly. [AI] (JimP) will send out an email looking for survey testers. Keith noted the OSIdM4HE effort: 2. New to Higher Education? This call is for you. - Jim Phelps, Chris Eagle We are looking to form a peer-group from ITANA members who are new to higher education. We will use this call to discuss the peer group and set up times, etc. This will likely utilize Google Hangouts, perhaps monthly, to discuss challenges for those new to higher ed. There will be presentations about lessons learned and approaches to solving common problems. What would people like to get out of it? How would we gather agenda items? Panel Discussion: EA WG - ITANA on your campus as a way of getting buy-in UW Madison and Penn State, UBC [AI] (All interested) in the higher-ed peer group, contact Chris Eagle. 3. Rebranding next steps - The plan for 2012 Blog posts - planning ahead. One possible topic would be EDM Capture Panel Discussions Intro to the topic - What is it, how do you use it, why is it valuable More Advanced: Case Studies of actual practice, what parts were useful, what was problematic, how did you get buy-in Topics: TOGAF, Zachman, Archimate, Training and Certification, Modeling Languages, Tools, Templates and Artifacts at the Application Architecture Level, Practices Policies and Procedures that help make it concrete Architecture Patterns: SOA, EDM Outreach to business partners you should be working with, or trying to create - Face2Face 2012 Planning Networking is very useful... Breaking into new v. experienced folks is useful as well, then bring together Explorer: researching, investigating EA, identifying potential change projects, developing a case Adopter: planning, orienting, engaging with colleagues, designing a live project Implementer: initial project under way, with training and support Achiever: First results, impact and value evident - may be hard to quantify at this stage Practitioner: EA is an established professional approach for strategic change and development Cultivate the mentoring aspects of ITANA Instructor-led training for the EA 101 portion at beginning, then bring all together Case studies Other meetings we should present at: e.g. AACRAO - Linking to Social Media - IFTTT expertise? ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at
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