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NOTE: Next call will be Thursday February 16, 2012 at 2PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Agenda for next call

  1. Roll-Call
  2. Accept the Minutes
  3. Agenda Bash
  4. Action Item Updates  (See Below)
  5. New to Higher Education Peer-Group Update
  6. SOA WG Update
  7. Charge to Peer Groups Update
  8. ITANA Face2Face 2012
  9. Check-In - What's happening on your campus

**New Action Items**
[AI] (All interested) in the higher-ed peer group, contact Chris Eagle.
[AI] (Jim Phelps, Paul Hobson) develop a charge for sub-teams that includes the publication and outreach goals for the team.

**Carryover Action Items**
[AI] (All) Think about topics for potential Educause session(s).
[AI] (Jim, Kasia, and anyone interested) will draft a statement about what is different about EA in higher-ed.
[AI] (All) interested in helping with the rebranding effort, contact Jim
[AI] (Marina) will identify UC system people to present on their SOA initiative on a future ITANA call.
[AI] (All) interested in participating in the rebranding effort - contact Jim off-list.

[AI] (All who attended F2F) add your notes to the wiki
[AI] (Jim Leous) send out the Penn State ARB review documents

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