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New to Higher Ed Sub-group Survey

This is a short survey to help us get our New to Higher Ed Sub-group underway. If you are in one of the following groups of people, please fill out the survey. Group 1: You are new to Higher Ed, and would like to collaborate with other architects to help navigate the murky Higher Ed waters. Group 2: You have been in Higher Ed for some time and would like to guide the New to Higher Ed minnows through the murky Higher Ed waters.

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What is your preferred time to meet (monthly). Example: Monday, 2 EST. To accommodate multiple time-zones, starting times should probably be between 12-3pm EST.

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We're looking for discussion topics. What kinds of things would you be interested in discussing?

What kind of role do you see yourself in (Menacing Shark, Helpful Porpoise, Bewildered Minnow, etc)

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