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We are planning on creating an Intranet for our IT division and is in the requirements gathering phase. This initiative will enhance our non-real time collaboration(wikis, blogs, shared space, tags,document sharing etc.) capability within our division. We view the real-time collaboration (presence, IM,chat, Video etc.) as a separate initiative which will cover under Unified Communication. 
I was wondering if anyone can give their ideas / thoughts on how Intranets are generally being used within your institution and some direction on what product sets might be worth to look at. 

Vijay Padmanabhan
Technical Architect
Architecture and Research Services
Division of Information Technology
The George Washington University

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Our Intranet and collaboration tools are two different things here at DoIT (UW-Madison).  We have a web based Intranet that is an internal news feed, link aggregator (here is the link for the travel system etc.)

Our collaboration tools are a loosely coupled best-of-breed suite of tools.  We have Confluence Wiki with Jira and a variety of other code-creation and management tools.  We have a Jabber chat service.   We also use Google Apps for a lot of collaboration. 

There isn't a single framework for us - no common taxonomy or tags or metadata across these systems.