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Is anyone on the list using the Oracle SAIP add on for integration PS Campus Solutions 9 with their LMS or other products?  We are in procurement, and have heard from a sister school in our system that they have had lots of issues with the product and Oracle is not able to provide much support.  They ultimately couldn't get the product working and negotiated a refund.

Just curious what anyone else's experience on the list may be, the level of complexity in implementation, and whether anyone has used Unicon or another partner to assist with integration.


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You know about our architecture for getting course info into our LMSs.  It is home built based on an Operational Data Store and Web Services.  Interesting news though.  We have been talking about SAIP and how we could leverage it.  



University of Michigan has been using SAIP for some time now.  We use it to populate class enrollment info into our IdM.  Our LMS is getting the same information from an old extract process, which is several hours, or sometimes a day old.  I'm hoping that we consolidate it into one process soon and have near real-time data in both systems. 

I would agree that SAIP is confusing to configure and get working.  We were one of the beta schools for the SAIP product, and spent a lot of hours on it.  The product has matured quite a bit over the past few years though.  We still have some gaps in the functionality around batch processes that update the database directly, and we still have a few customizations that don't fire events when they should.  I wouldn't say we are currently using it to its potential right now, but it will be great when we can retire some of our old processes and fully utilize the event processing for new classes and enrollment changes.

One of our developers documented the event flow of SAIP.  I'll see if I can find it and send it to you.

-Dave Perhne