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Tuesday 3/13/2012 @ 11 EST


1) Get everyone on Google Hangout 
2) Introductions. Tell us a little bit about yourself
   a) Name
   b) Organization
   c) Title & responsibilities
   d) How long have you been in Higher Ed and what did you do before?
   e) One thing that you haven't already mentioned that the rest of us might find interesting. 
3) Discussion: Using a collaborative approach vs. a more directive approach.
4) New-to-Higher-Ed subgroup input.
   a) How was the hangout technology? Continue using it?
   b) How is the time (11 am est/Tuesday)?
   c) Does a 4-week cadence make sense?
   d) How is the format?
   e) Suggestions on getting topics? 


Attendees: Chris Eagle, Jim Phelps, Todd Piket.

  1. Set up Google Hangout.  It took 15 minutes to get started
  2. Introductions.  All introduced themselves.  Todd works for Minnestota State Colleges and Universities and this was new to Chris so we spent about 15 minutes discussing Mnscu - what services they provide, how they work across a large consortium, and some of the politics involved.
  3. Discussion. We discussed several topics of difference between private business and higher ed.  We didn’t really go into depth on any of these and they are all candidates for deeper discussion on future calls.  They include
    1. Resistance/Embracing change. An example case is telecommuting.
    2. Risk taking/avoiding
    3. External pressures and views.  For example, the scrutiny that HE institutions have vs. private companies.
    4. We did not discuss the Direct vs Collaborative Approach that was in the agenda.
  4. We did not cover the question in item 4.  These will be covered at a future meeting.
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