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Let me know if you have a topic for the call.

The agenda so far is below.


Next Conference Call
NOTE: Next call will be Thursday March 29, 2012 at 2PM Eastern Daylight Time

Phone Bridge Information and Adobe Connect URL will be sent in email to the ITANA list. To receive this information, please join the ITANA mailing list

Agenda for next call

  1. Roll-Call
  2. Accept the Minutes
  3. Agenda Bash
  4. New member introductions and go-round
  5. Business Intelligence and Enterprise Data Management Group?
  6. Leading as an Architect Group?
  7. Review future items

Future Call Agenda Items

  1. Rolling out a new SIS
  2. Why would you use an EA tool?  What are the goals of making artifacts?  What is the purpose of these artifacts?
  3. Defining and promoting the architecture brand (suggested by Scott F.)
  4. - Open Cloud Platform - UC Berkeley and UW-Madison
  5. Job Descriptions and Skills for EAs - Paul Hobson
  6. Archimate Panels 

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