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**ITANA Call 29-March-2012** **Attending** Jim Phelps, University of Wisconsin-Madison (chair) Scott Fullerton, University of Wisconsin-Madison Glenn Donaldson, The Ohio State U. Erik Lundberg, U. Washington Mike Wolf, GWU Vijay (?), GWU John Grover, U. Maine System Leo Fernig, UBC Sharif Nijim, Notre Dame Joel Banez, Westmont College Marina Arseniev, UC-Irvine Colleen Nagy, Case Western Nassif (?), Case Western Steve Olshansky, Internet2 (scribe) **Carryover Action Items** [AI] (All interested) in the higher-ed peer group, contact Chris Eagle. [AI] (All) Think about topics for potential Educause session(s). **Discussion** - New member introductions and go-round - SOA WG: The SOA group is making good progress on developing the survey, more to come as it develops. - Misc Q: Campuses doing network segmentation, e.g. for faculty/students, or otherwise? A: Several, discuss on the mailing list... Q: Disaster Planning and Recovery - campuses looking into dual data centers with active/active infrastructure (load balanced across both, aka "hot"), and if so what services are included? A: Some, discuss on the mailing list... See also - Business Intelligence and Enterprise Data Management Group? There appears to be sufficient interest to spin this up. * Deliverables for the Group: - What is Higher Education doing with Data Warehouse and BI? - How does that relate to the SOA initiative - Current activities on campuses Participants (doodle and wikispace forthcoming) - Leo F - Glen Donaldson or someone from Ohio - GWU - ScottF (?) - JimP - Someone from CWRU - Someone from U. Washington - Joel Banez U. Washington - Data Management, focused primarily around data definition, data owners & stewards. And now need to start addressing issues of governance and policy around distribution and compliance around data. Issues could include: * Data Definition - Data Quality - affected by both the original source esp. CRM type data - Aligning data across various sources - different systems carrying different attributes for the same resources - ETL ends up becoming the default data definitions for data as it is exposed - Data Definitions need to span sources and extracts * Data Management Exposure - ETL and Audit trails and how they relate to data definitions. The data is "defined" by the ETL process and the joins that are used to create the data feed. * Security - Releasing data to cloud services and 3rd parties * Data Movement and Translation * Governance * Data Stewardship * Data Ownership - who owns the data vs. who is the steward for the data - How do we keep data fresh (esp. alumni data) - Data comes from a variety of sources (think of Facebook, et al) * Data Warehouse - The Data Warehouse becomes hard to regulate yet it is foundational to BI - DW becomes unsustainable as it grows * Business Intelligence * Operational vs. Non-Operational Data (Historical Data probably in a Data Warehouse) Resources: - - - Future items Rolling out a new SIS - Why would you use an EA tool? What are the goals of making artifacts? What is the purpose of these artifacts? - Defining and promoting the architecture brand (suggested by Scott F.) - - Open Cloud Platform - UC Berkeley and UW-Madison - Job Descriptions and Skills for EAs - Paul Hobson - Archimate Panels ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at
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