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The following people are on the invite list for tomorrow.  If you want to be invite but aren't on the list, be sure to drop me a note and/or add me in Google+.
Joel Banez
Sam Buchanan
Piet Niederhausen
Wayne Nie
Jim Phelps
Todd Piket
Sam Rego
Mark Reynolds
Jesse Safran

Be sure to be logged into Google+ and I'll invite you to a hangout at 11 EST.


1) Google+ Hangout, time to get everyone connected (only 5 minutes this week!)  

2) Introductions. Tell us a little bit about yourself
   a) Name
   b) Organization
   c) Title & responsibilities
   d) How long have you been in Higher Ed and what did you do before?
   e) One thing that you haven't already mentioned that the rest of us might find interesting. 

3) Discussion:
a) Embracing Change vs. Resistance to Change.  As architects, our job is to guide and foster changes.  The Higher Ed space is much slower to change, in general, than the private sector.  Is this true at your institution? How have you dealt with this difference?
b) (if we have time): Risk taking vs. Risk avoidance.  In general, Higher Ed is more risk adverse than private companies.  At your institution, where are the 'take risk' areas and where are the 'avoid risk' areas?  Do you find this good or bad?  What do you do differently in the new environment?  

4) New-to-Higher-Ed subgroup input.
   a) How was the hangout technology? Continue using it?
   b) How is the time (11 am est/Tuesday)?
   c) Does a 4-week cadence make sense?
   d) How is the format?
   e) Suggestions on getting topics?
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