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**ITANA Call 10-May-2012** **Attending** Jim Phelps, U. Wisconsin-Madison (chair) Scott Fullerton, U. Wisconsin-Madison Dan Brint, SUNY - Buffalo Glenn Donaldson, The Ohio State U. Jawad (?), U. Montreal Paul Erickson, UNL Piet Niederhausen, Georgetown Marina Arseniev, UC-Irvine Colleen Nagy, Case Western Nassif (?), Case Western Sharif Nijim, Notre Dame Bob (?), Notre Dame Steve Olshansky, Internet2 (scribe) **New Action Items** [AI] (Jim) will send a link to the SOA survey to the list. [AI] (Colleen) will send a link to the Case Western architecture diagram to the list. **Carryover Action Items** [AI] (All interested) in the higher-ed peer group, contact Chris Eagle. [AI] (All) Think about topics for potential Educause session(s). **Discussion** - Enterprise-level endpoint backup as a potential Internet2 Net+ service offering, how broad would the interest be? It was noted that in a virtualized environment, support/maintenance/updates/patches etc. can be a challenging burden. - Working Group/Peer-Group Check-In -- New2HE There was a recent Google+ hangout, which surfaced interesting issues related to how the work of an architect gets done. -- ITANA Content Management This group is focused on the use of ITANA content for outreach, prof. development, education, communications, etc. Cf. -- SOA WG Revisions to the survey have been completed, and 4 schools have completed it to date. Early results compilations have been done, and evaluation is underway. Followup interviews will be setup. The role of data standards in SOA, esp. PESC (Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council - standards, is being looked at. Any interested institution is welcome to complete the survey. [AI] (Piet) will send a link to the SOA survey to the list. - UW-Madison - organizing our efforts and planning Cf. (UW-Madison list of all of current engagements) ------- Tools Capability, Lifecycle, Impact, Principles, Pilot Proposal -------- Populations / Value Chains (Applicable architectural practice for each of these areas - Core Diagram) Advisor Student Faculty Staff Affiliates Alumni --------- Business Domains (Capability Mapping) Advising - AARB T&L - LMS - Learning Analytics Research - n-Tier and non-browser AuthN/Z - Network - HPC, HTC Initiative - Bamboo - ELN - Data Curation / Storage Outreach - Organizational Excellent - Strategic Planning best practices - Participation in planning - IT Decision Making - Administrative Excellence Project - DoIT Service Management Maturity - DEM Initiatives: IT Project Prioritization. ------- Technical Architecture IAM - Shibboleth and LTI - n-Tier - non-browser AuthN/Z Cloud - Net+, eText, Enterprise Data Management Advanced Integration Infrastructure (SOA Test Lab) -- It was noted that graphics are very useful in communicating these concepts to stakeholders and leadership, including the implications and what is emergent in the relevant activities. Tying the specific to the general is particularly helpful. Case studies are also useful, to make concrete the specifics of the engagement. [AI] (Colleen) will send a link to the Case Western architecture diagram to the list. Feedback on the call was that the UW-Madison method of breaking down the architecture framework in this way is useful. Jim noted a useful categorization of 3 main types of projects - operational, strategic, and political. ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at
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