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The ITANA Content Management Working Group invites you to join us during this week's ITANA biweekly time slot for a discussion of ITANA content and communications strategy. Regular ITANA meetings will resume with the next biweekly call.

Agenda for this call

Please join us to share your ideas about:
  • What target audiences should ITANA be communicating with?
  • What topic areas are you most interested in seeing ITANA content about?
  • What channels would you like ITANA to use to communicate with you? (email, FB, G+, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • What is your architecture group's communication strategy within your campus or system?

For more background, see the working group's last meeting minutes.

We look forward to seeing you on the call.

To Join The Call:

Adobe Connect URL:
If you have never attended a Connect Pro meeting before:

ITANA  bridge info:

+1-734-615-7474 PREFERRED (from any phone where Long Distance calling has no add'l 
               cost over local or 800 calling, e.g., cell phones or callers with 
               fixed price LD plans)
+1-866-411-0013 (US/Canada Only and only if above 734- number costs user more than 
               800/866 calls; this number costs Internet2 substantially more than
               above 734 number and should be avoided if possible)

Access code: 0146793#

Piet Niederhausen
Web and Data Architect
Georgetown University Information Services

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