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Does anyone have any advice on whether OnBase or SharePoint would be better for eForms, workflow, and document repository?


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Interesting question…..we’ve got both systems running here at CNM, and we’re wondering the exact same thing.  There seem to be some cases where Onbase is preferred – but there are other cases where the basic functionality of Sharepoint seems much more appropriate….??  Should be interesting to hear from others on what they have decided on….





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I can only respond with regard to out-of-the-box functionality. 


SharePoint's workflow has lamented OOTB functionally although they do provide a few applications, very powerful workflows can be developed using their API's, however, their I have heard of several firms that have to re-write their applications when trying to upgrade from 2010 to 2013.   I suggest you look at Nentex as an add-on workflow application for SharePoint.

OnBase's workflow does not require programming although I would not consider it a production WF engine unless something as changed in the past year.

Document Repository

Sharepoint stores as images as blobs in the database.  This is a problem for performance and storage.  Most firms use and ad-on software product to archive the blobs in another repository but seamlessly access them from SharePoint.

OnBase has a solid document repository that will archive TBs of images. 

E-forms have several meanings and functionality, therefore, I will avoid :-) answer that one. 

ImageNow was mentioned as well in another post and I would rate them very similarly to OnBase.  

If you are integrating to your ERP or another LOB application, both OnBase and ImageNow can do this without programming,  SharePoint will require coding.

The last item is Records Management. 

SharePoint's RM product is document type dependent, which is a problem.  It is my understanding, I have not worked with it, that OnBase has an excellent product.  The last time i looked at ImageNow's, which has been years, they needed work.

Hope that helps. I do not work for or represent any of these vendors.

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