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For those people using ImageNow I am curious to know how you are handling the per seat license.  For example, I am quite certain that there are people who are scanning who only scan let’s say 25% of the time.  Do these people have a dedicated scanner by their computer? Isn’t it costly? Do you have a common scanner station?  What other options are out there? 













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While we have not done it yet, I have been a big proponent of centralizing the scanning and linking processes. We just do not have the critical mass as yet.  I came up with the attached draft job description for this purpose.  



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Thanks Neil. 


I don’t have your email so had to respond to the list.


I can understand centralizing for a few (small) departments but when you have many it can and will get out of hand.  For example, our Admissions department receives hundreds of applications a day multiply that by all of Enrollment Management and you can see that even two will not cut it.