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Also, our campus has been invited to join the continuing pilot for Spring 2013, with the deadline to say yea or nay of Oct 19. I'm copying that message below. It's not clear to me what Educause's role is. Perhaps the CG could reach out to the relevant people, & find out what's going on. I hope Educause would add its voice to the calls to make such a textbook system acccessible.

let me first point everyone to the Prospectus for the Spring pilot, which is a GDoc reachable via

In the Prospectus, you'll see that we're trying to be as explicit as possible about accessibility requirements, and in the process to press e-reader providers and publishers to work toward greater accessibility. It's not an easy quest, and you all surely know. Some of the providers of the most accessible e-readers weren't able to participate in the pilot, and at the other end of the continuum we excluded two providers that in our judgment were not committed to accessibility.

We remain concerned that Courseload isn't yet where it should be, but the company does seem to be committed to moving forward, and that seems more likely if we keep them engaged. CourseSmart is further along, but questions surely will arise about its capabilities. And as you know (there are links in the Prospectus), an earlier Internet2-sponsored pilot exposed deficiencies in the accessibility of an earlier Courseload version, and led to a current interaction with NFB that we believe will evolve into something more collaborative than adversarial.

In the current and Spring pilots, EDUCAUSE takes principal responsibility for much of the communications around the pilots, while Internet2 deals with the contractual and operational side (it's more complicated than that, of course, but you get the idea).

I'm on point for EDUCAUSE, and Shel Waggener is on point for Internet2. We welcome suggestions how to continue improving the pilots in all respects, including accessibility. And we especially welcome institutions participating directly in the pilots and getting this all to work right. If you've got questions or observations, by all means be in touch.

I look forward to seeing many of you in Denver!
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