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Google is apparently providing grants to get institutions engaged with Google enterprise-level applications (  Is anyone aware of any accessibility issues with these products?  At one point they had a VPAT on Google Earth, but the URL is no longer valid.  I am also aware that others have leveraged the API for Google Earth to provide tools for people with disabilities ( 


So, any idea of the accessibility of Google Earth Enterprise?





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ATHEN review of Google docs – last fall:


Don’t know about Google Earth.



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I also ran across (title of the document is: “The Corporate Social Innovation Model: Enabling Positive Societal Change through the Distribution and Use of Accessible ICT Products and Services”) which talks about a number of technologies from both Apple and Google (including Earth) and how they can be used by people with a variety of disabilities.  Unfortunately the author uses the whitepaper to laud his own products for Android phones (about a third of the apps listed for the phone are published by his company), but otherwise it’s not a bad read.