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I was wondering if anyone is using an in-house solution for captioning (either live or recorded) video.  If so, what product(s) do you use, and pros/cons of the solution.





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We are interested in this information also.  Please post to the list



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Back in the days before HTML5, I used this program to manually caption FLV video files that were served up via flash:

Around 2008 or so I started using the JW Player, mostly because of its support for SRT files (and continued with the manual captions):

At my current job, we use youtube to host most of our videos. They have their own robust captioning support (and can even take a stab at a first pass of auto-captioning, which can be very helpful):

Also, fwiw, my favorite NLE (sony vegas) has a decent CC workflow (I'm pretty sure FCP and others can do this as well):

Hope this helps!



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